StreetSide Developments


The Building's Commercial Power Smart Designation Consists of the Following Features:

Central Heat Recovery System and Supplemental Geothermal:
The central heat recovery system collects exhaust air from each suite through a system of ductwork and uses it in conjunction with a groundwater geothermal system to heat or cool the incoming fresh air for the building.  The geothermal system consists of an open well system circulating water from the aquifer below site.  These two systems work together to significantly reduce the cost of heating and cooling for the life of the building.  The common areas and all fresh air for the building will be heated and cooled by the central heat recovery system and supplemental geothermal system. 

Power Smart:
The condo fees will be economical because the building has been designed to be energy efficient and incorporates Power Smart design standards which will reduce the energy consumption of the building through the use of efficient mechanical and lighting systems as well as high quality windows. This design includes heat recovery and a supplemental geothermal system to heat and cool the common areas of the building. Please speak with one of our Sales Representatives for further information.